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Northampton MA Movers - Smooth Movers

"I have had Smooth Movers move some very heavy and complicated equipment for me several times now. I have always been very impressed with the know-how and the care that Shane and his guys took with my equipment. I have complete confidence in their ability to get the job done and do it well! Besides being the World's Strongest Man, Shane runs his company very responsibly.... the guys are dependable, reliable, and fast at what they do! Thanks so much!"
- Liz Powers

"We hired an incompetent overpriced moving company (who I shall keep nameless) 1 month in advance of our move. On the day of the move, no return phone calls from them. after several attempts to get in touch with these people, they finally call us back late in the evening of the scheduled “move date” only to inform us that they needed to reschedule. Needless to say I was furious. My husband couldn’t take another day off work so I was on my own to try to get my furniture moved. I made several calls to many movers who understandably could not help me on such short notice and on the weekend. Then I called Shane at Smooth Movers. Shane at Smooth Movers had a “booked solid” schedule as well. There was no way he could move me out on the same day I called him. Sensing my desperation however, Shane asked me my address. He then asked what I needed to have moved. When I told him, he said let me call you in a few hours. Maybe I can squeeze you in. Shane called me as promised. I met him right on time at my old apartment. He gave me the contract and what the move would cost me. When I saw the price, it was so much less that the other movers it was unbelievable! Not only did he move the stuff I requested, he moved several other things for me that I was planning to move by myself! They were going so fast it was unbelievable. They had me loaded and unloaded at my new apartment in UNDER 2 hours! The whole time with a smile. I HIGHLY recommend Smooth Movers to ANYONE who wants professional, efficient, organized, FAST and reasonably priced movers! Shane, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to my rescue and very graciously extending a helping hand to me! I spoke to my property manager about you and told him I would highly recomend Smooth Movers."
- Carolyn Price

"We thoroughly enjoyed Shane and guys. They were so accommodating and hard working that they were inspirational. They just got the job done, no questions, no qualms, we the customers were in charge. So different from what one encounters these days in the marketplace. Usually it is incompetence and resistance and any lack of investment in the enterprise. But your team and Shane especially must have said, "Anything you want," whenever we ventured a request. They made sure nothing was lost or damaged. They disassembled and reassembled and did so with speed and efficiency. I hope you are proud of these people. They got our respect. I will recommend your company to anyone on the move. Thanks again for a fine experience. You can use this recommendation anyway you want."
- RS

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our move and helping us on this stressful day! It was great to know that your crew is experienced, and have fun too! We'd recommend Smooth Movers to all of our friends, any day!"
-S & A

"Thanks so much for the exceptional, over the top service we received this past Saturday. The piano delivery for my granddaughter was really so special for all of us to watch her get her own "big package" was just awesome. I especially appreciated the way you spoke right to her and made it all about her. We asked her later what she thought it could be, and she said, "maybe a really big stuffed horse." She's already learned her first song and surely will have many years of enjoyment from it. The piano arrived in perfect condition and your tips on care and positioning wer great as well. We're going to be remembering you for a long time and definitely when we need movers! Outstanding job! Thanks for everything."
- Gail